Who are referrals

программа для раскрутки сайта

If you want to make use autosurf, you just have to focus its basic concepts.


the First word, with whom you should meet, referrer. Referrer – this is the user of the site autosurf, except that makes surfing websites, and even manages to invite other users and their work gets its previously stated, the percentage. Of course, that the more you referrals, the more you earn. To search for users by using special links or banners that are configured in your account or promotional materials.


it should be noted that most sites autosurf shared by all its users on referrers or referrals, therefore, to work as a " freelancer» you will fail.


the Referral – this is the user who has been invited to the referrer. He must register on the website, click on the referral link your referrer. As we have said before, the referrer will receive a certain percentage of the earnings of the referrals, but referrals nothing to lose – for their clicks they get the same amount as other users of the site autosurf.


Another very common term – RCB.


RCB – this is the money you pay to the referral as a reward for their labors. It is customary to pay it with the income you receive from work referral, otherwise you can log in minus. Accordingly, refbase are paid only to those referrals that really make a lot of money. The payment amount you set for yourself. Some programs autosurf allow automatic RCB, which will be paid each time a referral will earn more than a certain amount.

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