Rules of the system (the agreement)



Add site containing illegal content, add prohibited content on the site is already running in the system.
Under the prohibited content is implied:


1­ Animation, transparency, or moving parts. Pop-up advertising. Button­Geolocation ;­ ­ ­2­ Content, preventing the program, the Content stops the countdown timer program; Content­offer to stay on the website ­ ­3­ Redirects: ­meta, htaccess, java script etc;­Forwarding in any format and any means ­ ­4­ Viruses: Scripts, counters, iframes, flash, image infected by viruses.­Phishing page.­Sending SMS, enter the phone number
­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­
5­ Java Script Windows can be Opened,­
Alert event,­frames, the error scripting, restrictions closure of the site and etc.­
­ ­6­ Sites flagged as dangerous/ ­malware­search engines/antivirus/browsers. Sites that have an encrypted or obfuscated­content script ­ ­7­ Any shortlinks services, anonymizers, proxy, etc ­ ­8­ RAA, CPA, exchange of impressions or visits,­sites created not "for the people".
­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­
Counters "affiliate programs", which allows to earn money,­generate
traffic counters­with exploits, etc. With pop-pop-up etc.
­ ­10­­ Site with a total number of more than 500 loading one­time of elements­(images, style sheets, scripts, etc.). Many video players on the page. ­ ­11­­ I-FRAME PPC,­iframe codes, scripts, counters etc. All that­is associated with an iframe traffic­­ ­ 12­­ Pages that are larger than 50 000 Kbytes. The load on the CPU of a computer is not more than 50% of the Pentium 4; Flash consumed­25% CPU P4.



  • the Advertiser (Member of the system) is solely responsible for all content of the advertised website added to the system, regardless of the content providers. Circumstances, allowing the advertiser to release from responsibility for violation of the rules, does not exist, including, but not limited to, if the breach was caused by third parties.

  • the advertiser's Website recognized as violator of the rules, if there are irregularities in the opinion of the moderators, participants in the system through the many voices and complaints to the advertised site. The moderator system is any active user of the system with the account level above the minimum. While viewing the site of the advertiser (or after viewing) moderator can send a complaint with the choice of the type of violation. The accumulation of a certain number of complaints, the offender website is blocked and gets into a global Ban list. The owner of the blocked site (the Advertiser) can fix this problem and apply to Arbitration, to unlock. If the advertiser does not agree with the opinion of the moderators, the advertiser may not contest the decision. If the violations were not corrected, the site will not be unlocked. Repeated request for Arbitration is possible only after a certain time.

  • In case of discrepancy between the rules of the website will be blocked by the administrator. When trying to unlock this website without the elimination of violations of the account will be deleted.

  • system Administration has the right to refuse any site service without explanation of reasons. Denial of service means that any promotional materials on this site may not be promoted in the system. The system is not liable for any losses caused by denial of service and does not cover such losses.­



Create accounts, manipulate the accounts and affiliate program:


­1­ to Register multiple accounts from the same computer or IP. In addition to the VIP accounts (All accounts on 1 IP must have a VIP accout to avoid blocking). ­­2 Add­the same site in different accounts, add the same url more than 3 times in one account, registration of multiple accounts from the same site (Except or affiliate programs do not violate other rules). ­­ Forbidden to enter in different accounts are one user, even if they were registered by different people.
­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­
­4­ to Use the program­on multiple computers, multiple IP or­virtual machines using one account in the system.­ ­­ to Create websites and pages only to add them to the system promoter. Getting promoter of bonuses for adding these pages in the system promoter.­Delete links from pages after adding to the promoter.­ ­ ­



  • In case of violations deleted all accounts. IP addresses are blocked.

  • Visits - internal payment system unit. Like any payment unit, visits can be used for different purposes. The fact of possession of visits does not provide any services.

  • When distributing spam in any form with a login (promo reference) your account will be deleted without warning.

  • In the event of violation of rules of the account will be deleted. The administration's decision not subject to appeal. Remote account can not be restored. Funds or resources of all kinds, which were on the accounts of the remote account or otherwise attached to it, or consumed by this account, return and cannot be recovered. Deleting your account entered in the blacklist all used them details (E-Mail accounts in payment systems, websites etc)

  • Claims on the system operation are considered, provided the complaint is filed, not later than one week after the occurrence of the subject of the complaint. Examination of claims filed in violation of these terms are not guaranteed, and any losses incurred as a result of this - not compensated.

  • Any transactions made in the system, using successfully authorized user data, considered committed by the owner of the account. Any transactions made by the owner of the account shall be irrevocable, unless it is provided by the appropriate interface. Any operations with the account can be made by account owner only after authorization on our website. The account owner is obliged to keep confidentiality of the data used for authorization by all available means.

  • the System is provided "As is", the user has no right to demand from the administration modification of the system operation. If the user is not satisfied with the system, he has the right to apply for the deletion of your account.

  • Separate account delete a user may, for that an authorized user is required to poison a request to delete your account via the contact form with customer support (Requires Authorization).
  • The conditions for the provision of technical support: customer Support is done through e-mail, and chatting through the internal interface support.

  • Sale accounts, visits to third parties is prohibited.

  • do not use any programs, scripts, or other means fail validation and approval of system Administration, to access the user's account and perform unattended operations. You shall not create spurious (in our opinion) the load on the server by performing a large number of operations with the account. With substantial difference in the number of transactions account from the average indicator system account can be fined or deleted. Every access to the user's account is considered operation.

  • the Inactive users of the system are removed. Inactive a user is not logged in to your account within 6 months. A month before the alleged removal of a user receives an E-Mail alert. If you are any services (see the sites, banners etc), the user is active.

  • You can have one account in each partner system, provided that these accounts do not have direct or indirect referral links.

  • Separate sections of the system can complement and update these rules. Rules sections have priority over General rules of the system, in case of contradictions.

  • Prohibited from installing or running the program without the consent or knowledge of the computer owner, on which the installation or the program starts.

  • Any deviation from the existing rules should be agreed with management prior to the discovery of such deviations.

  • We reserve the right to change the rules at any time without notice.

  • the Administration is not responsible for possible consequences of using the system.

  • the Fact of registration in the system, add site, you signify unconditional acceptance of these rules.

Rules for advertisers


  • the Advertiser is any user of the system, using any advertising services system.

  • the Rules concerning advertising materials, operate on all types of advertising in the system.

  • System makes no warranty that all made the impression will be recorded third-party accounting systems, does not establish a minimum percentage of discrepancies system statistics with statistics, third-party accounting systems, and produces no compensation in case of occurrence of such conflict.

  • the Site must not offer to add themselves favorites, set as home page (automatically), or in any other way interfere with the normal operation of the system.

  • Strictly prohibited the presence of a malicious code, bypassing standard methods of protection, destroys the information that is blocking system, or exercising any such highly dangerous activities.

  • it is Forbidden to use the system to create a parasitic traffic to the advertised sites, which leads to their inaccessibility.

  • If the account balance is less than 5 visits, advertising stops.


  • the Balance of the site can go to a negative value (Not more than 100 visits)
  • Prohibited from using any services or affiliate systems for taking referrals within the system, i.e. dissemination of information about any bonuses or other benefits for your referrals in the system or partner systems. On the advertised in the system or affiliate systems pages should not be placed on such information or links to pages containing similar information. You can freely distribute this information in any systems of advertising, not included in the system or the partner system.
    Invite people from other systems (non-partner systems) to register your referrals and to offer them any kind of bonuses or other benefits MAY! Pirate already registered users to register your referral - IMPOSSIBLE! Read more
  • [*]­Site is prohibited to display an additional pop-up Windows (popup). Pop-up window is the window that initiates the download a new browser window. If the window does not initiate a new browser window, and "floats" within a site, it is not considered a pop-up and is not a violation!!!
  • [*]Site it is forbidden to turn on the full screen.
  • [**]­­In the system can participate all sites, except the site that violates Russian law, the norms of public morality, erotic and porn sites, sex shops, sex services, and so on, or which contains the individual items or links to such items that can be attributed to these categories. The decision on membership to these sites categories shall be taken by a moderator, unilaterally and without appeal.
  • [**]­­Banned demonstration sites without content (i.e. according to the moderator of little useful information or containing per unit of useful information invalid number of advertising materials(banners, frames, counters, etc.))
  • [***]­­Availability of encrypted code on the site is prohibited.


  • Forbidden download blocking banners and counters when viewing of advertising sites. All responsibility for the download of such elements lies with you. You may not engage in advertising the service, if such items are not loaded, for any reason (for example, lock your Internet service provider (ISP), in addition to the failure of servers that downloads the data elements.
  • Smoking rough communication with users, technical support operators. Prohibited rude, offensive language and insults in any form, message, rude in tone and content, mats, rudeness. Smoking including veiled curses (with dots, the replacement of part of the letters, symbols ’%&#» etc). Permitted only adequate business or informal communication.
  • the User is obliged to provide downloads sites of advertisers at the maximum possible speed, and not to create any obstacles for downloads sites of advertisers. In case of differences in the number of successful downloads of the site the user from the average indicator on the system, the user will be fined.
  • do not place any code system in hidden frames or other places not accessible to normal browsing users. The elements of the system should be visible on the website in full length and width.
  • the Redemption of visits by the system is not made.


Input of funds


  • Enter funds is carried out automatically by means of payment instruments currently connected to the service. If the system was unable to automatically process your payment, you should contact support for manual processing of payment, term of manual processing is not more than 48 hours. Do not make direct transfers to the details of such transfers are not processed automatically, check payments without contacting support service is not performed.
  • enter the money is the internal rate system. Courses can be changed at any time without notice.
  • the System is not responsible for the non-functional interfaces, payment systems, the date of withdrawal shall be extended for the period of such failure.
  • the responsibility for the correctness of the details of the payment rests with the user. In case of impossibility to make a payment in the specified requisites funds returned to your account balance within 14 days of a request for payment, while taken off the withdrawal fees are not refundable.



  • Converting "visits" and other parameters of the system in cash is not provided.
  • Conclusion earned "visits" from the system is not provided.



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