Rules of the system (the agreement)



Add site containing illegal content, add prohibited content on the site is already running in the system.
Under the prohibited content is implied:

1  Animation, transparency, or moving parts. Pop-up advertising. Button Geolocation ;     2  Content, preventing the program, the Content stops the countdown timer program; Content offer to stay on the website    3  Redirects:  meta, htaccess, java script etc; Forwarding in any format and any means
   4  Viruses: Scripts, counters, iframes, flash, image infected by viruses. Phishing page. Sending SMS, enter the phone number
5  Java Script Windows can be Opened, 
Alert event, frames, the error scripting, restrictions closure of the site and etc. 
   6  Sites flagged as dangerous/  malware search engines/antivirus/browsers. Sites that have an encrypted or obfuscated content script    7  Any shortlinks services, anonymizers, proxy, etc    8  RAA, CPA, exchange of impressions or visits, sites created not "for the people".
Counters "affiliate programs", which allows to earn money, generate
traffic counters with exploits, etc. With pop-pop-up etc.
   10   Site with a total number of more than 500 loading one time of elements (images, style sheets, scripts, etc.). Many video players on the page.    11   I-FRAME PPC, iframe codes, scripts, counters etc. All that is associated with an iframe traffic     12   Pages that are larger than 50 000 Kbytes. The load on the CPU of a computer is not more than 50% of the Pentium 4; Flash consumed 25% CPU P4.



Create accounts, manipulate the accounts and affiliate program:

 1  to Register multiple accounts from the same computer or IP. In addition to the VIP accounts (All accounts on 1 IP must have a VIP accout to avoid blocking).
  2 Add the same site in different accounts, add the same url more than 3 times in one account, registration of multiple accounts from the same site (Except or affiliate programs do not violate other rules).    Forbidden to enter in different accounts are one user, even if they were registered by different people.
 4  to Use the program on multiple computers, multiple IP or virtual machines using one account in the system.     to Create websites and pages only to add them to the system promoter. Getting promoter of bonuses for adding these pages in the system promoter. Delete links from pages after adding to the promoter.     

Rules for advertisers

Input of funds


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