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the client Program, intended for installation on your computer, you can automate the process of obtaining Visits   to your account. Next visit is spent to promote your sites added on the page - 
My sites".


Fixed issues:

How to install?

What to do after the installation
Error? As repair program?
How to remove the program AutoPlay?
How do I remove a program from your computer?



Read instructions. Protect your computer when using the program mandatory! We also protect our users black sheets sites and personal stop sheet.



Download the program (setup Wizard) 1.6.0:

LiteSurf_Setup.exe [753,95 Kb] (downloads 52247)


If the program cannot be updated/installed/run:

Download  or reinstall.

After installation, the program automatically downloads updates ~ 45 Mb


When you first start the program makes a request input by the user e-mail 
you entered when register.

the Program has a module auto-refresh. When there is a newer version of the program updates your files and functionality.
the Old files are replaced with new ones. Verifies the checksum of the data and their reliability. All operations occur without dialogs and questions. by default, the Program creates a shortcut to the startup. Runs in the system tray, without working Windows. If there is no Internet connection, or the domain the application is in idle mode and establishes a connection at the first opportunity.
There is a possibility to send your complaint (specifying the type) directly inside the program for the current site, the opening of the current site in a new window.
you can Close the program by right-clicking on the program icon in the system tray and selecting "Exit."


by Downloading or using this application you agree
the license agreement written below and rules system.


RECOVERY SOFTWARE (Reinstall, fix):
Description page Recovery software.



Operating system:











Windows 7, XP, 2000
as well As other versions 


Work is possible through the Wine emulator 
Download WINE 

Ubuntu, Suse, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD etc.


to Install Windows as a virtual machine in Mac OS X using one of the programs: 

Parallels Desktop,

Vmware Fusion,



Service gives you a non-exclusive exclusive the right to use one copy of the program on each belongs to you computer. 

Downloading and using the program you thereby agree with the rules of the system, for violations of the rules your account will be blocked.

You may not: modify, repair, decompile, disassemble code received IN any way, including associated work, containing one or more components of the software; publication of on the Internet resources (including the file exchange sites) without the prior consent of the administration. 

You MAY: copy, distribute, transmit to third parties, including your friends and/or referrals, lawful use within the rules of service You use this program at your own risk. It is provided "As is” without any guarantees smooth operation, that there are no errors. Also, the administration does not guarantee that the services on downloading and interaction with the server will be delivered uninterrupted, error-free and/or inability to access the service. By downloading this application you agree that service provider shall not be liable for any damages, lost profits, etc. All responsibility for damage to equipment, data, programs and/or persons lies with the user running the software on any computer. Claims for damages/lost profits  will NOT be accepted. The source code is not available. For the needs of individual users, the program is not overwritten, if this recommendation is not made by a group of users (more than two persons). to eliminate problems associated with virus programs, you should follow the instructions for protect Your operating system, programs and data stored on Computers connected to the Internet: the Use of Virtual machines, Software filters, Firewalls and Antivirus programs. Ignoring the protection You run the risk of data and equipment. Correct use means of protection gives the possibility to exclude certain problems with software resources and technical means. If You do not agree to the license agreement or the rules of work in the system You may not use the service LiteSurf.

Warning: client require increased measures to protect your computer from viruses that may be contained on the sites added by advertisers. In this regard, it is recommended to use a special protection program - Firewall.


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