How to find referrals

программа для раскрутки сайта

* Referral - the visitor is registered on your unique promotional link. 

In this article we will examine the main ways of their set:


1. Placement of press releases and promotional reviews on Your personal site.

do Not be lazy and write on each site is a separate article, if by the time You don\'t have to use billet. The advantage of this method is that your site is always online and will visit it was interest in the people and will probably become your referrals. But problematically is to attract those interested visitors to your website, if you have little traffic. the Main Board do not place an aggressive advertising on the main pages of your site, such as pop-UPS and so on - this will hurt your website.

Important: Try to advertise your website everywhere and can in every way to attract visitors.
Efficiency: 30-50%

2. The social network.

Surely You have accounts on many social networks.
Make brief notes with referral links in the Status field, Personal website, Notes and personal walls. This is sure to attract a flurry interested even in the long run.

Such records can be done instantly, just by clicking on icons on the left (present on all pages). They do automatic posting to all social services. Such advertising is very common in the network.
How to find: Recommended: Facebook, My space, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, and other are Also Well suited social bookmarks (you can Find on request Social bookmarks).
Efficiency: 30-50%

3. You can advertise your referral links in different SAR systems.

Show page in your site with advertising review and referral link banner. Or directly advertise the site with referral link.

How to find: Find in the search engine Google, Yandex requests: CAP, Autosurf, Exchange of impressions, BUX, etc.
Efficiency: 40-50%

4. The old forums and reliable way. There are hundreds of great forums.

we are Talking about forums is up (SEO for Web-masters). You can create a topic in which you tell us about advertising system with referral link (Promotional code). Also in any forum is a very valuable thing: this is your signature, so you can write a referral link your sponsor and a lot of talking you get referrals, you can leave in your signature link thus you will attract more visitors to your website who may register and become your referrals. And as another option is to purchase signatures of other visitors of the forum, thus they will be communicating to advertise your referral link or link to your website, ensuring a steady flow of visitors or referrals.

How to find: it is Best to register at all visited the forums on the themes: the SEO Forums, Forums, Web masters, Forums about Search engine optimization (you can Find it in the search engine Google, Yandex)
Efficiency: 50-70%

5. Mailings.

you Can order the mailings in the \\programs\\". To do this, you can enter the money distribution is paid, but it is extremely effective.

Tips for writing:
1. Most importantly, the text should be short. Long texts anyone to read will not.
    After composing the message, it is better to read it and think that it can still be cut out, not to lose meaning.

2. The letter should interest the reader already in the first sentence. Otherwise the reader will simply ProLite it down to a paid link.
3. If you are unable to come up with the text and the title alone. Use special procurement.

How to find: Find in the search engine Google, Yandex requests: Programs, Pay distribution, etc.
Efficiency: 60-80%

6. Banner advertising.

in Addition to referral links are examples. To the choice of a banner should be approached with care. You need to think, in any case, the visitor will want to click on this banner, and what would just ignore it. Note that animated banners clicked more often than usual. Advertise in any banner networks.
How to find: Find in the search engine Google, Yandex requests: Banner network, Banner advertising.
Efficiency: 60-80%




the Use of direct links to our site in contextual advertising (Google Adwords, Yandex and others).

the Context for the brand (using branded keywords, website and so on).

Spam in any form (email, forums, blogs, chat rooms, message in a socialist. networks and so on).


additional INFORMATION:

Where to get my a link?
Where to get banners with Ref. link?

    Where show statistics invited me referrals?

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