Antivirus security


ATTENTION! do Not neglect the protection of Your computer!

Use tools Internet security, virus protection, etc. When installing packages protection set stringent configuration control over what is happening in the computer: the Control register, download the scripts from the Internet, control, system files etc. The ideal solution using software Virtual machines they fully protect Your operating system against threats from outside. Instruction how to install virtual machine.

IF you install the virtual machine is not possible,
you must use a third-party security packages: 
Firewalls and antivirus programs to control application activity or training modes.


the firewall is a new generation of PROtector firewall


You neglected protection that could happen:

You account funds missing? You can't access your account? And I don't know why this happened? Apparently You don't particularly care about security, otherwise it wouldn't have happened... by Following the above simple rules, 
You can prevent up to 99% of the hassles associated with the penetration of Your account hackers.

  • the Simple truth

unfortunately, even these simple rules users are not always
which leads to tragic consequences.

  • the password To use a complex combination of letters, numbers and special characters, impossible 
    to remember.
  • do Not store the password in a public place.
  • do Not give Your password to other users.
  • Use password Manager, preferably with the storage of the password database on a flash drive.
  • During work, or just browse suspicious websites, run the virtual machine
    or even a Sandbox to prevent infecting your computer. 
    the Use of anti-virus and firewall is basic protection, but it does not give 100% 
    protection, not really rely on it!
  • When entering the password, make sure that the input is on our website,
    not on the website similar in appearance (dublinese interface and steal the password as you type).
  • do Not use the same password for two registrations on different web sites, email access, etc. One object - one password! 
  • Check browser and IP addresses

Also recommend you to use limit entry by E-Mail and IP Address. Then the code will come only if the IP address does not fall within the list of permitted, and if a certain browser were not yet in your account. This can seriously hamper the lives of criminals, but will not impede the login.


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