Automatic and manual mode - what is it?

What is the difference between Automatic and Manual modes of operation?

If You are working in automatic mode (default) and have a working sites, "Visits" from the joint account shall be distributed between sites automatically  and may eventually run dry (how to get visits to the account?). "Visit" is an internal unit of the system is equal to one 30 second visit your website. To control visits ispolzuyutsya limits. Daily limit of consumption visits can be set for each site individually, and for all sites at once, with total daily limit. You can do this on settings page of the limits.

the Manual mode manual assumes the distribution of "Visits" between sites, page distribution of visitsor in the settings page. In this mode, the Visits will not be deducted from the joint account. Limit apply for manual mode.

If you don't like the automatic flow of loans, you can switch from Automatic to Manual mode on this page and distribute visits to manual mode

What is the Limit to choose correctly and safely?

By default, the limit on each site of 30 visits per day. If You have only recently started to use the system, it is recommended to gradually increase the limits (for Example: 100, 200, and so on). Why? To avoid criticism from statistics systems (E.g.: LiveInternet) extremes and bursts can be regarded as improbable. Also it is recommended to set realistic HTTP_referer, instructions for them to find.

work Offline, and how to achieve it

The ideal situation which seeks to each participant: to Have a large number of visits (Where to get them?), and completely automated to receive a visit to the site using the Automatic mode. Our system allows you to fully make that a reality.

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