How does it work?

Our system works very simply!­


Users install special software­ (optional), which solves many promotion tasks:

­- Visits to your sites, pages, videos in the required quantity per day;
­- Choice of traffic sources - Search engines, Advertising and social networks, Messengers, etc.;
­- Strengthening of natural and rental links;
­- Acceleration of indexing pages of sites;
­- Increase site rating - Alexa Rank;






Improve Website Behavioral Factors:

­-­Bounce rate, time spent on site;­
­-­Depth of view (number of pages visited per session);
­-­Returning to the site, retention rate;
­-­Site navigation pattern and interactivity;
­-­Clickability and goal completion;
­-­Clicking on social media buttons;

Why is this needed?

- To obtain, adjust and demonstrate the credibility of websites based on indicators
­ of attendance (unique visitors per day, month)
- To obtain, adjust the number of views of website pages
­ (non-unique and unique views, by IP addresses)
- To adjust Behavioral Factors (Time spent on site, etc.)
- To adjust visit sources (http_referer) to your sites:
­ Google, Yandex, Yandex.Direct, Social networks and any others.
- For advertising various products and services in the IT sphere (Affiliate programs, services, etc.)
- In a huge range of other tasks

What does the Client Program do?

After installing the client program, it will ask you to specify the email you provided during registration in the system.
Then the program will work automatically without requiring any additional actions from you.
All program settings are made on the website, on the pages: My sites, Add site.
Installing the program is not obligatory, there are other ways to get visits for promotion, including purchasing them.

Where does the traffic come from? Is it real?

The traffic is real. Real IP addresses. Real visits from computers using our client program.
You use the client program, which gives visits to other users. Other users - to you. On average, 40-60% of our system users personally view websites.

Do I need to install codes on the site? Yandex.Metrica?

Most often, no. Yandex.Metrica should be installed only if everything is fine with your site (aesthetically, legally, content is not plagiarized, you have a large amount of unique content, no affiliate program codes, etc.), if there are doubts, then it's better to use the counter. It is not obligatory to install our codes. You can install a partner code to receive additional bonuses and referrals' deductions, and you can install a banner to attract referrals and receive deductions from their work.

I'm a beginner. What should I do?

For beginners, there is a special step-by-step training page.

Is installing the program mandatory?

Installing the program is not obligatory, you can get credits for visits in other ways.
The installed program does not require constant user participation in work.



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