How to get visits to the account












Placing reviews, articles or banners with Your unique link. Registered active participants will be for life to earn You a visit.

You can use any available methods of advertising. The more referrals You attract, the more you earn visits.


You can easily make a visit to using program Surf Lite

it's simple. The program shows the sites of other users. And in return you get the opportunity to get a visit on any personal web projects added to the page My sites.

This is the least expensive way, for those who have time slowly wait. 


Why wait? 
Price  $ 0.0033 1 visit

If you are very, very inexpensive to buy visit. And spend them evenly using. Automatic mode. For example, 1000 visits per day. 

Buy very simply, any payment systems. Immediately. Stocks.






Affiliate program


Download Lite Surf


Buy visit










And more than 40 KINDS of payment systems
methods of payment


What is a visit?


Why visit?




Visit - internal payment system unit LiteSurf. As any payment unit, visits can be used for different purposes. Detail in rules.


Visit spent on browsing You added in interface My sites. If You are using Auto advertising, then visit deducted automatically. If You are using manual mode, you to allocate visit on each site separately. 


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