Configuring automatic ad campaign


Automatic mode

Fully automated
work, which includes: automatic distribution visits between all added sites page My sites.

Visits - internal unit system is one of 30 seconds of visiting your website. The setting is made on this page. 


is Used to control receive visits. There is a common limit, which restricts the consumption of visits to
all sites during the day. As well as the individual limit for each added site. The setting is made on this page.

Visit are removed automatically?

If You are using Automatic mode (default) and have a working sites (Enabled in settings) spent visiting automatically and may eventually dry up, how to get a visit?

If you do not fit automatic consumption of visits, you can disable the Automatic mode (on this page) and to distribute the visit manual mode.


What is the Limit to choose correctly and safely?

default limit per site 500 visits per day. If You have only recently started to use our system, it is highly recommended to gradually increase the limits (for Example: 550, 600 and so on). Maximum system capacity up to 4000 unique visits per day for each site. Why? To avoid complaints from statistics systems (for Example: LiveInternet) extremes and wavelets can be regarded as implausible. Also it is recommended to set realistic HTTP_referer, instructions for them to find.


Work autonomous, and how to achieve it

the Ideal situation for which each participant to Have a large number of visits (Where can I find them?) and a fully automated obtaining of visits to the site using Automatic mode.

Our system allows you to fully embody it in reality.


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