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Types of Online Advertising

Types of Internet advertising for any business

Today the Internet is one of the most popular venues for promoting different products. In the network every day, a growing number of users, as all necessary information can be obtained here, including to stumble on online advertising.

Some types of Internet advertising allows you to create contact between the business company and the client. Is this advertising is inexpensive and available to almost everyone interested businessman. That's why many entrepreneurs from different fields of activities to effectively promote their products and services prefer to use basic types of advertising.
Varieties of advertising on the Internet there are many and the choice depends on:
The format of the advertisement
The thematic focus of the business
Interested audience

One type of Internet advertising is the placement of advertisements in the media or the voluntary use of e-mail marketing. If an advertising article will be posted on a reputable site, the status of the advertiser will rise in the eyes of users and search engines. Due to such advertising, you can increase and direct the flow of users from the share directly to the advertised website. It's very simple. Typically, such resources there is a shortage of authors who write quality articles, even with a link to your site.

Obtained in the form of bonus traffic you need to be able to use correctly. According to the laws of advertising, the user should see the advertising link of the order of seven times. To achieve this very simple. On the advertised page shows the shape of the grip. Once subscribed, the user will be able to receive as a gift a few useful articles. Contrary to the opinion that sending emails is spam, this combination gives high positive results. In this case, the subscriber is interesting to meet the author, and to return to his website for interesting information.
For the realization of such advertising campaign, you need to write authoritative resources in the letter of offer is free for them to make feature articles. Next you need to act according to the following scheme:
To write quality and useful article on the subject
To create a capture page that will automatically give the user a gift
Embed article link to the advertiser's site
To hide a link from the search engines, so they do not hurt promotion news site.
This method also has its negative side. Written articles should be more interesting than the most interesting in the world scenario. They should force the user to get away from the TV and other things in favor of the proposed distribution. This needs to be done, because any advertising gives only a chance, and trust the user's need to conquer yourself.
Contextual advertising
Types of contextual advertising are different, and they make it easy to be disappointed, if you get a negative response or not to use negative keywords, to ensure that the ads were not displayed to unauthorized users. Minus the words are an important element of contextual advertising. For example, you offers the services of a photographer, and what user account will be of much interest to you – which is just looking for the services of a photographer or looking for you in a particular city.

When placing contextual advertising you need to clearly understand who is your customer, what he asks search engines. Text ads unlike banners will be shown only to those who are looking for your services and wants to order them. But you need to correctly configure the tool that is responsible for generating clients.

For starters contextual advertising campaign need:
Make a plan to include keywords, description, clients and ad group
Denote minus the words
To learn how to use typographical or transliteration
Use a special service, which will tell you how often looking for your services
To use the words "gift" or "free"

But it is worth remembering that the new products is bad through contextual advertising, as well as consumer goods. For their advertisements it is desirable to use media advertising.

SEO promotion
Any webmaster will tell you that seo promotion this is very expensive and the advertiser to deal with it. However, there are several steps you can do yourself any newbie:
Search engine promotion can be found:
Take a free courses
To find a well-visited pages
To Refine the material posted on these pages
Prompt users to share quality content on social networks
To really write unique and interesting articles
To remove several videos on the most important problems of your clients and post them to the appropriate network, and links to put on your website.

Internet advertising types of features - SMM
If the materials your business, made in the form of books in pdf format, is already represented in popular social networks, then you can make a small booklet that will solve several important problems of your target audience. Next, you can ask your friends to share these materials in the network.

In this small brochure must be accompanied by a reference to the products offered and are the possible ways of ordering and delivery. The brochure should be written sincerely. In discussions with clients need to answer all questions and maintain their interest. But do not forget that social networks are so called not in vain. Communication in them takes too much time, so you need to figure out how to automate the process.

To do this, do the following manipulations:
To configure the Crossposting blog on all popular sites
To hire a content Manager who will be publishing the posts
Use of social marketing exchange
Use bots. But here we must be careful. Through these programs you can invite your friends, share the posts, but spam with the help of these programs is not worth it.
Encourage comments with a request to leave feedback. The confidence of users to such responses is much higher than to the reviews left on the website.

Affiliate programs as a kind of Internet advertising
The vast network, there are many services that incorporate an affiliate program on your blog. In addition, some engines have these services by default. You just have to build normal relations with partners. For that partnership to be successful, you must:
Create for partners video tutorial, which will indicate ways to offer your products
Provide them examples of advertising texts or banners ready
To choose as partners, loyal customers or suppliers. With major partners need to work personally. They need to negotiate, send them a unique material, etc.
Thus, as partners, to have more and salespeople for a fee. And if you divide the money with partners in half, you can get profit without investment.

Video and audio promotion

An important tool of Internet marketing is high-quality and unique material. When promoting this tool is very important, and if you have good diction, but you have a camera and editor, their services, you can advertise through videos.
When a customer sees you in the video, he realizes that this business is real. Most often, users have to purchase at individuals than companies that do not have at the moment name. And the voice and appearance are such tools that develop the trust of customers. To create a successful video, you need to:
To interview interesting personalities
To record some of the lessons promoted on the topic
Learn those social networks that specialize in video
In the name of the video list the right keywords and tags

When recording a video, you need to be yourself, the main cause is the trust of numerous audience. You can make a similar analysis of commercials, record all defects and record your unique video.

Viral marketing

Dissemination in social networks is called viral promotion. But, opinion leaders began to share them, you should try both. Rest of the audience will follow. For this, you need to think through viral promotion of your business:
It is impossible in such content to use the calls for the purchase and insert obvious reference
Different audiences need to create different viral materials
The essence of the material should be visible immediately, but epic phrase needs to be moved to the end
The material must attract an audience and will be remembered by her.

Viral marketing cannot exist without creativity and shock value. However unpleasant images should be avoided, since such an image is unlikely to get repost. Those who viral marketing spreads, driven by one single goal – the approval of the subscribers.

Different free types of Internet advertising

Above have not been considered other ways of online advertising, which includes widgets, selective advertising, gamification materials, etc. In addition to promoting can:
Use free classifieds
To leave posts on the discussion forums
To send e-mails
Create business cards in search engines, if the company has no site
To consider new types of Internet advertising


Types and methods of online advertising are many. Your main task is choosing the right direction. If the ad is done efficiently, it will definitely attract the attention of users. Their clients need to respect, and this should be reflected in the advertisement, and then the user definitely will respond to it. For starters, you can choose the cheapest methods of advertising, and for more effective promotion it is advisable to use several methods. What advertising brought success, its results should be checked. This will allow to understand how the method is currently the most effective.

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