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Advertising Online Store

Advertising online store – the most effective ways

If you have already figured out how to create your virtual store, and how to transfer it to your hosting, choose a domain name and what products to sell, it remains to understand how to advertise. Advertising online store in several ways, each of which worked and will work. Each of the above methods will lead to your store customers.

So, advertising the online store may be conducted in the following ways:
SEO promotion
Banner advertising
Contextual advertising
Commodity system
Forums different directions
Social network
Sites with coupons
Affiliate program
E-mail and sms dispatch
Non-standard advertising

SEO promotion online store
Such advancement will nominate online store for good seats at the user's request. This type of advertising should be used when clients are aware of sold goods and searching for them in search engines. Effective this method can be called because the user specifies in the search query that he wants to buy. Why advertising in the form of promotion will be point and hit the target with a 100% guarantee.
SEO represents search engine optimization online store. That is, the principle of optimization of the website and its advertising is concluded that virtual store for exact keywords will rank on the first page of the SERPs. The benefits of seo include:
Small budget. With proper promotion of this way of advertising will be cheaper than another, for example, contextual advertising. But there is one condition – long term promotion.
The confidence of users. Most of the audience trust organic search results more than advertisements.
Zatrzymanie funds only for optimization. That is, to pay for the transition of clients is not necessary, as a result, the link of the website, users can click an unlimited number of times.
Have seo and its negative sides - long-term promotion. Currently, the site needs about half a year, so that the search engine brought the resource to the first page of issue. And, no, the optimizer cannot guarantee that inquiries will get in the top 10, as the process is influenced by a number of criteria:
Optimization online shops competitors. If you are involved in the promotion of eleven virtual stores from the same town on the same key queries, one store will not be able to escape on the first page.
The search engine algorithm. It can change without warning.
Replacement key requests. For example, if the store began selling the new products, their promotion may take the same amount of time, and promotion of the resource itself.

Banner advertising

In the advertising banner combines the features of contextual and banner advertising. This kind of advertising can be beneficial if you plan to increase brand awareness for a specific target audience. The banner will be displayed to the user in response to the customer's question in a search engine. This way of advertising web shop that has advantages and disadvantages. Its features include:
A single bright format. In comparison with simple advertisements, banner can be very creative and dynamic.
Having a single banner on the page. This method of advertising is more advantageous, because the banner will be on the page in the singular that will set it apart from other advertising publications.
Targeting banner. The banner can be configured only on the selected region.
Restrictions. Media-contextual banner, you can show a limited number of users, including a single customer.
The contact data. On the banner, you can specify the phone company. Contextual advertising prevents the display of contact information.

By cons media-contextual banner include the following:
Payment. In this case, the money is deducted from the account of the advertiser for the show, but also to ensure the customer enters the website, the banner.
Inaccurate budget projections. Budget forecasting to place banners quite a hard task. You can, for example order of 15 thousand impressions, but their number can be expended in two weeks, maybe thirty days.

Contextual advertising
Advertising online clothing store in the form of a text ad, for example, is an advertisement written in the form of text and placed in the search engines, as well as a resource partner. The advantages of this type of advertising are some of the factors:
Quick effect. Established advertising company is paid and almost the next day, interested users can see it.
Targeting. Your ads can be set only on the regions or cities where it operates an online store. There is also the possibility to limit the ad impressions in time, by key words or age.
Payment. In this case the money is paid only for the click of the user. That is, if the person moved to the site-specific context to the announcement, the specified amount will be debited from the account of the advertiser. Thus, the ad will be shown for free.
The disadvantages of contextual advertising can be attributed to only one factor – a high price for a single click depending on the competition. Depending on the task, the higher the price per click can prove to be disadvantageous.
Mercantile system and advertising on regional resources

Commodity systems represent sites where the product can be selected and compared. The most popular sites can be found in online search engines. Advertising the online store price, which depends on a number of factors on regional resources is justified when the demand for promoted products are not formed. As an example: the store sells educational games, which are not known by parents and the advertisement can be placed on the forums, where young mothers. This audience will be considered a target.
If you sell a popular product and your store only works on one region or city, it makes sense to advertise the point of e-Commerce on regional or city portals and forums that are often visited by the people of this region.

Promotion on social platforms

Currently most of the Internet users spends in social networks. And use them not only as entertainment portals, but as the source from where you can get information. Users subscribe to the different thematic groups and pages. Social networks are a special platform where there are also news feeds, blogs, communities and forums, it also works well advertise online store for free.

For advertising in social networks you can create a group and fill it with items from online store. Each product should have its description, as well as in the group must be specified scheme of the store. Target audience group can attract several ways:
Aggressive method. To find your target audience through search and to promote their products, sending personal messages.
Advertisements. To customize the advertising in social networks is very simple, because in this community know about their subscribers more than search engines. Social settings are so flexible that help you quickly identify an interested audience from the General mass of subscribers.
But the expected result, despite the large number of subscribers to expect, not worth it. Due to the fact that the user often does not notice the ads because busy reading the news and studying the images of other users.

Sites that sell coupons
If your online store to offer good discount on a certain kind of goods, you can refer to sites where coupons are purchased. Usually, such sites take up to 50 percent of sales. What does the advertiser? First of all, the ability to quickly announce their online store. In addition, sites with coupons that allow you to quickly build a list of clients that you can send out information about discounts directly.
Affiliate program, email
Mutual can be part of advertisers in the affiliate. In this case there is a mutual recommendation of the partners, and such collaboration is absolutely free.

Under a specialized distribution does not means trivial spam. Just need to think through what each resource, for example, a forum may have its base of users who are potential customers of your online store. The owners of the forum can offer to send it to all interested in a particular subject users of your suggestion. Irritant it will not be, and Vice versa - e-mail newsletter will be of a recommendatory nature.

Non-standard advertising

It is difficult to give any recommendations for custom advertising. The main thing depends on:
The offered products
Target audience
Opportunities online store
The presence of competitors
You need to consider, where else can you find an interested audience, and how to give her the help of advertising. It can be a bright PR, which will be remembered by users and potential customers, as a creative advertisement that will encourage them to visit the site and order goods.
There are ways of advertising are relative. Effective advertising online store depends on its subject matter. For example, a clothing store can be a highly visited after placing advertising on the trading floors, and a shop selling intimate products for adults can successfully promote through banner advertising.
To achieve greater efficiency, it is necessary to use combined methods of advertising and to track the effectiveness of each of them.

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