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Free Internet Advertising

Free advertising on the Internet – ways of advertising

1 In the Foundation of a successful business is laid, the constant increase of sales and profit. And to achieve this, the store need to lead customers and convince them to make a purchase. To do this, their products need to advertise, and advertising, as you know, costs serious money, and every business owner wants to reduce these costs.

Advertising your business can simultaneously be placed in the media, on billboards, freeway fences or in transport. But this advertisement is paid with funds received from the profits. As well as profit always want to have more, free advertising on the Internet will be the way that will allow you to Express yourself without the use of working capital.

Today the network has several properties of free advertising. Among them are:
The formation of the customer base
Placing ads on Bulletin boards
Creating pages in social networks
Creating your own blog
Advertising on barter
Options free advertising
The placement of the description of a business site in the target directory
The distribution of free coupons
Website promotion for frequency queries

Options and methods of advertising

In order to build your client base, you need to compose a short questionnaire, which will be offered to customers. The purpose of this questionnaire is to inform customers about seasonal discounts and sales. In the questionnaire, the buyer specifies their contact information, and periodically receives alerts to your email or phone via SMS. Their clients in addition to alerts to be congratulated on the holidays and birthdays. In any case, the mailing must be on a certain occasion, so it won't look spam.

Free advertising is also performed on a virtual Bulletin boards. To such advertising worked, you need to choose keywords that will transfer to buyer of the search engine on the ads website. When noticing the transition of users according to key phrases, then on the boards you can post up to 50 ads regularly. There would, in principle, as in other types of ads, you need to specify the benefits to the clients business. That is, to prepare a unique selling proposition and create a call to action.

Social networks and blogs

Social networks are the ideal platform for posting free ads. Today, many users of the virtual network prefer to shop straight from home. And, if you do not our place to advertise online for free-pick the most popular social networks and putting it on top of sale with the best price.

New models always attract the attention of users of social networks. However, if you create a personal account and will ask friends to users, it can cause irritation. Since social networks are a serious and effective platform for posting free ads, advertising should be well-thought-out and not Intrusive.
Users have become a little tired of the number of proposals that come from everywhere and attract the attention of users of networks can only be something special. This proposal could become the hit of the season, which will be widely discussed in social networks. Just such a move may force users to look to your store.

Another option for placing free ads on the Internet is the creation of your blog, which will serve as a liaison with potential clients. In the blog, as already posted:
On trademarks;
About the range;
About discounts;
About seasonal sales, etc.

The main purpose of the blog is feedback from customers. Most likely, she will be so successful that the entrepreneur will be able not only to conduct an advertising campaign, but also to know the opinion of customers about a product or service. A blog that works on the principle of trust, increase sales to the maximum.

Barter, city portals
Barter advertising can be a great method for those who offer customers complementary conditions. For example, if you want to advertise country cafe or other place of entertainment, on your website you can advertise taxis that will serve customers, and Vice versa.

To advertise on the Internet for free on city portals. This way of advertising your services is effective for small businesses located in small towns. In such places actively working city online portals that have a high attendance. In large cities, such advertising will not work.

Catalogs and handbooks
To advertise in the target directory, you must create a card and post it on a popular industry resource. So you can get the opportunity to advertise their products.

Submit advertisements on the Internet for free and through free coupons that allows you to make purchases in online stores. This method is considered to be relatively free, and that he fulfilled the tasks, potential customers need to give these discount coupons for the products offered.

Low-frequency queries

Free can to attract buyers to your site with the help of low-frequency queries. The principle of such advertising is quite simple. Not worth it to attract visitors to your site to General queries. Such promotion is expensive. On the website you can attract potential clients who are looking for specific services or products. Users searching for a particular service is much less, but, since their target search, then the chances of a sale increase. About the product on the website you need to write texts, to post real reviews and reviews.

The money that will be earned on its website by selling advertising space, you can spend on buying contextual advertising on popular search engines. The advantages of such advertising can be attributed to the lack of need to search for advertisers. In the ad it is important to specify only the interesting information and publish only unique images. Because the only way to attract customers and increase sales.dvertising

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