How to take a screenshot of your desktop

What is a screenshot?

Screenshot — this is the exact image of what you see on the screen at the moment.

to make a screenshot need:

  1. Open in the browser the page, the image which you want to receive, or any other area of the desktop and programs;
  2. Click on the keyboard, press PrintScreen (PrtSc) — this button is located mostly in the top right corner of the keyboard, in line with the function keys F1-F12;
  3. Open one image editors such as standard Paint program (start - All programs - accessories - Paint);
  4. Select the menu item "edit  — "Paste» or press Ctrl+V, then the image appears in your graphics editor;
  5. to Complement the image of the necessary elements — signatures, lines, etc.;
  6. Save picture: "the File" — "Save as". 

Once you have made a screenshot, you will need to pass it to your friends or somewhere else. For this is the service: FOTOZAVR

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